Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Centerpiece

This is so easy to make, you will want to make one for a friend!

  • 3 packages of small glass ball ornaments (can buy at Michael's for $1.99, but they are often on sale for less)
  • One small wreath, or straight spray (I liked the straight one, because it can turn into a smaller circle than most wreaths)
  • 5 decorative pieces for wreath (there is a vast array to choose from at the craft store, pick ones that suit your taste)
  • Small floating candle
  • Glass candle holder (this one has a cylinder for a base, and then a hanging insert for the candle)
  • One pair of scissors
  1. Remove all tags/stickers from supplies
  2. Remove the glass balls from package
  3. The ones I bought have a small wire sticking out the top of each one--cut the wire off using the scissors
  4. Fill the base of the candle holder with the glass balls
  5. Bend the straight wreath into a circle
  6. Use one of the "branches" to wrap around the two ends (securing the wreath into a circle)
  7. Place the decorations in even intervals around the wreath
  8. Secure each decoration by pulling tight to the wreath and wrapping the stem of the decoration around the base of the wreath several times
  9. Fill the top of the candle holder about 2/3 with water
  10. Place the floating candle in the top of the holder
  11. Place the wreath in the center of the table, and put the candle holder in the center of the wreath

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