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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A few things to catch up on...

Bleh!  I feel so yucky right now.  My throat burns; my nose vacillates between running and burning from dryness, and my head feels like it is stuck in a fog.

We had our state standardized test this week.  Yes, that means three days of testing, and three more next week.  In addition to that, I spent all day today at an AP workshop.  I am exhausted to say the least.

On top of everything else, I made two cakes Thursday for my cousins' birthday parties.  One of them is the Spiderman cake pictured above, the other I will show you next week with Fondant tips as I continue my escapade in cake tips.

I have also been slacking a little bit.  Recently two more lovely gals awarded my with the stylish blogger award.  Since I am under the weather, and I just completed a post about that a few weeks ago (click here if you missed it), I am just going to thank these lovely ladies.  Pepper over at The Sassy Pepper and Krista at It's Always Craft Time both have cute blogs, and I am honored to have been chosen for this award by these lovely ladies.


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