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Monday, June 27, 2011

Streamer Bow

Tutorial for making a streamer bow for hair.
Well I am back from cheer camp, and we had a great time!  Besides the zebra bows, we wore two different sets of streamer bows.  These are fun, easy, and quick to make.  Consider them the next time you are making bows.

  • 3 sizes of ribbon (you can use whatever kind and size you want, but I recommend using at least some grosgrain ribbon for body and structure).  For the pink one, I used a 2.5", 7/8" and 3/8" ribbon, and for the camouflage, I used 7/8", 5/8" and 3/8" ribbon.
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Hair tie
  • Fray Check
  1. Cut the ribbons down to size.  Cut the largest width ribbon 1/4" longer than the medium width ribbon, and the medium width ribbon 1/4 " longer than the thinnest ribbon.  I cut the pink bow ribbons 13", 12.75" and 12.5", but the camouflage I cut 14", 13.75", and 13".
  2. Trim the ends so that they have the double point.  Fold the ribbon in half length-wise, then clip at an angle.  Dab Fray Check on the end of each ribbon to prevent fraying.
  3. Cut about 4-5" of the medium and small ribbons to create your center knot.  Stack one on top of the other, and tie in a knot.  Fray check the ends.  (If you are making multiple bows, cut a longer length of ribbon and tie all the knots at once--it is easier)
  4. Place a dot of glue on the center of the widest ribbon, then stack the medium ribbon on top of it.  Repeat with the smallest ribbon.  Glue the center of the knot to the center of your stacked ribbons.
  5. Place a dot of glue on the back of your ribbons in the center.  Stick the hair tie in the glue dot.  Glue and fold the sides of the ribbon so that both ends of the ribbon knot meet.


  1. thanks for linking to TAke-A-look Tuesday - I just featured you on my FB page!!

  2. Hi from your newest google friend and facebook follower, please pop by, karima x

    I love the choice of colours!

  3. so dang cute! you are awesome!!! great tutorial:)
    thanks for linkin!!!


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