Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Neopolitan Cupcakes {Guest Post from Michelle at Delicate Construction}

I was so excited when I got today's post in my inbox.  Michelle normally blogs at Delicate Construction; she is so creative, and she came up with these wonderful cupcakes!  I actually made neopolitan cake for my wedding cake, but I have never thought about making neopolitan cupcakes.

Hello Snips & Spice readers!! My name is Michelle and I blog over at Delicate Construction!! I am so glad to be here today! This guest post was somewhat of a challenge for me since my creativity is generally outside the kitchen, but I was glad to give it a try!

I made Neapolitan Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes!! This is my FAVORITE ice cream so I thought it would make a yummy cupcake...and it does. ;)

I got a picture without the wrapper so you could see all the goodness:

DELISH! Ok, it was super simple. I made my favorite vanilla recipe and separated it into 3 bowls, I left one vanilla and then mixed in some cocoa powder into another,

and strawberry ice cream topping into the third (you could also use jelly but that is what I had, and it didn't get that pink so I added some food coloring).

Then I put them in the muffin tin, I put chocolate on the bottom, then vanilla in the middle and strawberry on top. 

Then bake it off, let it cool and frost it up! I did traditional ice cream toppings, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a cherry! YUM!

I made some cupcake wrappers from scrapbook paper with a template I found HERE. I love this idea, you can make them to match all different occasions for pocket change. 

Thanks so much for having me today!!! Hope to see you around soon!!

Thanks Michelle!  Don't these look scrumptious?  Michelle also hosts two fun linky parties each week on Delicate Construction.  The first one is Made By Little Hands Monday, and the other one is Delicately Constructed Fridays.  The linky party on Monday is dedicated to kid-friendly projects and has so many great ideas linked each week.  Right now she is posting a series for back to school, so if you have kiddos, make sure you check it out.

One of my favorite features on Michelle's blog is her 10 uses posts.  She posts 10 different ideas for how to use different household items.  This week, she posted about chopsticks and created this beautiful wall hanging.

Take a minute to visit Michelle today to see some of her other uses.


  1. This looks SO good, I've got to try it out! I just love Michelle, she is one of the most creative gals I know! What a great post!

  2. LOVE these cupcakes!! I followed Michelle over here to see more of her creativity! I also love your blog...I am your newest follower!

    Great job Michelle! Cant wait to make them!


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