Friday, March 4, 2011

Flower Pens

I know these aren't anything new, but I needed some new pens for my classroom, and I am tired of them disappearing.  I made some flower pens a few years ago, but over time, they ran out of ink.  I love how springy these flowers are, and I think they will just brighten up my classroom (since there are no windows).

  • Ball point pens (the kind with a soft shaft and a removable back)
  • Floral tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Silk Flowers
  • Wire cutters
  1. Start by removing the backs of all the pens.  I have a confession to make...although I am sure there are tools that could do this, I just use my teeth.  Please don't rat me out to the dentist (or my parents who paid for braces--thanks Mom and Dad!).  It is actually pretty quick and simple to do.
  2. Then take your wire cutters and cut the flower stems to about 3 inches long.  If the stems have lots of thick plastic around them, strip that off so only the wire is left.
  3. I didn't realize until recently that hot glue is nearly impossible to get a picture of.  The camera does not want to focus on the clear substance.  Anyway, squeeze out a strip of glue onto the flower stem and stick that into the pen.  Dab a little bit of glue where the flower and the pen meet; then use your finger to rub the glue around the top (sealing the flower and pen together).
  4. Remove the cap of the pen and wrap the pen with the floral tape.  Begin by wrapping from the center towards the tip of the pen.  You will then wrap back down the pen to the flower.  This seals the first end in under the wrap.  When you get to the flower, pull the tape until it rips.  Press down into the other tape.  It should stick to itself, but if you have problems, dab a little glue to seal.
  5. Make more.
  6. Put in whatever container you like.  I like to use dry beans to anchor the pens down.

I will be showing these off at these link parties.


  1. Very nice! great selection on the flower BTW! I've seen some awful looking flower pens at my bank in the past! I think I may use one of my nylon flower I made into a pen! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. so pretty. You are ready for spring!


  3. I love these! I work retail and our pens always disappear..I bet if my cashiers had these they could always find them...I am on a mission for pretty flowers now.

  4. I've wanted to make these for some time. These are so pretty I am inspired!

  5. Love these!!! Now this is something I am gonna have to do! :D

  6. Hi, thanks for the great idea! I made one and it looks so cute! the problem is the stem feels so this normal? will it go away? should I put powder on it? please help! I need to make 50 for a wedding shower!!


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