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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bathroom Redo

I've mentioned before that Adam and I completely gutted our condo in 2009.  We got our condo through the Good Neighbor Next Door Program.  Which basically means we got a HUD home for cheap, but it needed a lot of work.  This is the first post where I am going to give you a peek into our home.

We bought our home in September of 2009, and spent the next 6 months renovating the entire place.  The condo was originally built in 1986 and had not been updated in any way since the original build.  This is what the bathroom looked like before we did anything to it:

Notice the all white decor (ooh and the light pink tile on the floor)?  Notice the countertop and mirror that extend over the toilet?  Notice the box light?  How about the lovely shower doors?  

I didn't get a picture of it, but our tub had a huge crack down the middle, so that had to go.  It was an oversized tub, and it wouldn't fit out any of the doors, so Adam to a sledge hammer and broke it into pieces to get it out.  When we went to buy a new one, we realized that a regular size tub wouldn't fit against the wall, and still have the drain fit.  Adam wanted to move the drain, but then discovered that the gas line was right next to the drain, so we poured through the catalog and Lowe's and ordered a new tub.  While we waited to the tub to get here, Adam began to remove the tile.  The tile wouldn't come off the wall, so we ripped the walls down and took out the insulation.  Adam also replaced the subfloor under the tub, so he could make sure nothing was wrong under the tub (we lucked out there was NO mold).

When we tried to pull the floor tile up, we discovered that the builder hadn't placed the tile on a subfloor, but had actually adhered the tile directly on the concrete.  Removing our pink tile turned out to be a much more difficult task than anticipated.

Eventually we got the tile removed, and the tub installed.  Adam and I spent days trying to pick out tile, and we finally landed on this travertine and glass tile from Floor & Decor. (Isn't he studly?)

We repeated the 12x12 tile on the floor.

Once the tiling was finished, it was mostly down hill from there.  The only item we kept was the original vanity; although, we put a new granite top on, and a new sink.  We purchased our faucets, light fixture, toilet, tub, sink, counter, door knobs, and towel racks from Lowe's.  We replaced the doors (they had holes in them) with doors from Home Depot.  I found our new mirror at Big Lots.  The candle sconce is from Target, and all the linens are from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The paint is from Home Depot (it's called pinecone hill).

Not quite done...I have some pictures of the finished tile with the bathroom completely finished.

And a close-up of the counter.

I didn't take a picture, but we do have a great sky light in the ceiling (I am sure you can tell which pictures were taken at night vs. daytime).  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed a mini tour of my home (emphasis on the mini)!


  1. What a great job! You sure had a time of it!

  2. luv the tile, and the colour scheme, so soothing.
    I would luv for you to join our celebration party by adding your project into our linking post.
    Have a great week,

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Love it! Im your newest follower:)
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  4. That is a fabulous the tile work!

  5. Great job! looks so much better!

  6. OH MMMM GHEEE! That tile is fantastic! Y'all did a great job! I love the blue/brown combo! Found your post on the somewhat simple linky!

    Literally Inspired

  7. It looks awesome! I love the colors you chose. I'm trying to convince my husband to change our bedroom and bath to those colors. He's not buying it for now.


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