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Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Wreaths {Part Two}

Tutorial for making a yarn Valentine's Day wreath
Whew!  Going back to work mid-week took it out of me.  I already showed you how to make a boa wreath for Valentine's Day, and I will be showing how to make a felt roses wreath, but today, I am going to share how to make the yarn wreath with you.  Have you ever been to the site Knock Knocking?  I love all of her beautiful creations.  She was my inspiration when making this wreath.

Although, I am going to be honest and tell you that I struggled with this one a little.  Have I mentioned that I have a very "type-A" personality?  Well, I do.  I had a hard time trying to wrap the yarn without overlapping, but while covering the entire wreath.  It can't happen.  You have to do some double-wrapping.  The inside has less area than the outside, so unless you have yarn that magically increases in width on the outside, and decreases in width on the inside, you will have to double wrap.  If you can handle that (I almost couldn't) then you should be fine.

  • 10 inch wreath base
  • Batting
  • Low-melt glue gun & glue sticks
  • 1 skein of yarn (I used a chunky weight to make the wrapping much quicker)
  • Four colors of felt (I used white, light pink, dark pink, and red)
  • Straight pins
  • Ribbon (I used 5/8 inch velvet)
  • Two small glass christmas balls
  • Scissors
  1. Plug in you hot glue gun.  Cut your batting into strips and wrap around the wreath base.  Secure with hot glue.  Then wrap and wrap and wrap the yarn until the entire base is covered.  (Remember, you will have to overlap).  Secure the ends with glue.
  2. Tutorial for making a yarn Valentine's Day wreath
  3. Wasn't that easy?  Now you can decorate.  The great thing about this wreath, is that all my decorations are secured to the wreath with straight pins, so I can take them off and decorate for another holiday!  I made three felt pinwheels and three felt roses.  I cut the bottom off the roses so they would be flatter to the wreath.  These were all secured to the wreath with a straight pin down the center.
  4. Tutorial for making a yarn Valentine's Day wreath
    Tutorial for making a yarn Valentine's Day wreath
  5. I made ribbon leaves by cutting short strips of ribbon, folding them in half with all right sides up, and pinning them to the wreath.
  6. The chain I made by cutting 3 inch strips of felt, and gluing them together.  This I also secured to the wreath with pins.
  7. I did use glue to add the glass balls, but I glued them to the other decorations, so all of it can be removed easily.
  8. The final step is to use the ribbon to create a loop and bow to hang the wreath.
What do you think?  Have you made any wreaths lately?  Want to share?

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  1. Adorable. I made one for winter, but now I might have to make a Valentine's one as well!!

    By the way, I am hosting a giveaway right now that you might be interested in!

  2. We are hosting a Valentine linkup party over at Sassy Sites! I would love to have you stop by and link up this Valentine post (and ANY other valentine post you have!) xoxo!!

    <3 Marni

  3. I FEATURED this today over @ my blog... and im your NEW FOLLOWER. please stop by grab a button and look around

    XOXO Andrea

  4. Hello!! Your Valentine wreath is so beautiful!!....I hope you don't mind that I show it on my blog as well as your felt rose tutorial....

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I love that you gals like it enough to feature.

  6. I love your wreath! So adorable!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week!

  7. Very cute wreath! Thanks for sharing this at Fantastic Friday!


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