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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Wreaths {Part One}

Tutorial for making Valentine wreaths
I am loving all the different wreaths our there in blog land.  I started the felt rose wreath a couple weeks ago, but it used 90 roses, so it took a while to finish.  Today I am going to share how to make the fastest and easiest of the three--the marabou & ribbon wreath.  One aspect about this that I really love is that I only used 3 pins to secure the entire wreath, so I can remake this for every holiday with a quick change of color.

  • 10 inch Styrofoam wreath base
  • 18 feet of 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon
  • 6 ft marabou boa
  • 3 straight pins
  • scissors
  1. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath base, covering the entire base with the ribbon.  Use a straight pin to hold the beginning in place, and when you reach that point again, remove the pin, and stick through both layers.  Cut off excess ribbon.  The pin should hold both ends of ribbon.  (Your pins should all be on the back of the wreath)
  2. Tutorial for making Valentine wreaths
  3. Pin one end of the boa to the wreath.  Wrap the boa around the wreath, leaving space between each wrap, until you reach your starting point.  I spaced mine out so the two ends met at the same part at the back of the wreath.  I like the look of the dark ribbon poking through, but you could use two boas and cover the wreath entirely.
  4. Tutorial for making Valentine wreaths
  5. Take the leftover ribbon, make a loop through the wreath, tie into a bow, and hang.
Tutorial for making Valentine wreaths
I haven't decided if I am going to add any other decoration to this one.  Thoughts?

Click here to see the felt roses wreath, and the yarn wreath.

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  1. OMG this is cute!! I can't wait to see the rest..

  2. I love it as is... I don't think it needs anything else! This would be cute in a little girls room too!

  3. This is adorable!!! Love how simple it is as well! I dont think you need to add anything to it! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I am now your newest follower! :)


  4. I love this doesn't look fast or simple! I would leave it just like it is!


  5. This is an adorable wreath! Love it! Fast, simple, and can be remade for another holiday! Love it!!! I was looking at it wondering if I would add anything, I think you could if you wanted to - but it certainly doesn't need anything - cute as is!

    Good job!

  6. How fun! the boa is perfect for this. Thanks for linking up!

  7. I don't think that it needs anything else. Its perfect the way it is.

  8. I LOVE the feather one! I wouldn't add anything to it. I think it's perfect the way it is!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  9. This so cute! We have some red feather boas handing around here, so maybe I should give this a try!

    I'm a new follower as well.

  10. I too think it is perfect the way it is! Thanks for linking up!


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