Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Borders & A Finished Quilt Top

Wow!  I can't believe what a difference a border can make on a quilt.  I think it was just the perfect finish for this quilt.  I am really excited to have this basted so I can quilt it and get it finished for our bed.  Adam loves anything that looks like it fits in a log cabin, and he would decorate our entire condo with logs and dead animals if I let him.  That's why I created this log cabinish pattern for the quilt.  Since starting this, I have learned that not only does color matter, but the lightness and darkness matter just as much.

Although this is really Adam's style, after I finished, I really thought this was more of a fall/winter quilt than spring/summer, so I was thinking that at some point I would replace our current coverlet with a quilt for spring/summer too.  Lo and behold, I saw a post on Craft Gossip for this challenge on The Last Piece.

Here's the gist
  • You have 2 months (almost, I am a couple days late)
  • You need to make a quilt top (you don't have to quilt it)
  • The quilt top needs to be for your bed
If you want to check out the cool prizes, or participate, head over to read the fine print.

I need to create my pattern, and pick some fabric!

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