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Monday, September 19, 2011

Felt Cupcakes {Guest Post from Tammy at She Wears Flowers}

I was supposed to post this last week, but I was swamped, so here is a belated birthday to me!  I am so excited about today's post because this was a special request I made from Tammy.


Hi! I’m Tammy from she wears flowers and I am super excited to be here because…

it’s Malory’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Malory!

Cupcakes 24

Today I’m sharing this easy (Zero Calorie) Cupcake {Tutorial}

cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tubes
empty, flattened cereal box
hot glue
2 1/2 inch styrofoam balls
needle and thread (or sewing machine)
felt in cake colors
optional: red wooden beads, green chenille sticks, red pom poms


Cut tubes into 1 1/2 inch tubes.
Cupcakes 13

Trace the tube opening onto the cereal box. Try to hold the tube in a “perfect” circle. Cut out circles. Repeat for felt. (We're chocolate all the way in this house!)
Cupcakes 8Cupcakes 10Cupcakes 15

Hot glue the flat cardboard circles to the bottom of the tubes. Trim edges.
Cupcakes 17

Hot glue the felt circles to the bottoms. It's okay if the felt is slightly larger than the    tube.
Cupcakes 22

Cut strips of felt the same width as the cardboard tubes and as long as the tubes are around (the circumference of the tube).
Cupcakes 20

Hot glue felt strips to the cardboard tubes and trim excess.Cupcakes 23

Cut styrofoam balls in half.
Cupcakes 4

Cut out 5 inch fabric circles.Cupcakes 1

Sew (machine or by hand) a loose, gathering stitch (one row only) around the circle at about 1/4 inch. Be sure to leave a tail of the beginning and ending threads so you can pull them to gather the circle.
Cupcakes 2

Gather circles loosely then insert half of a styrofoam ball. Pull the threads tight and tie a knot to hold it together. Add some hot glue to keep it secure.
Cupcakes 3Cupcakes 5Cupcakes 6

Carefully line the top edges of the cardboard tube with hot glue and glue cupcake top to the tube.
Cupcakes 7

To make the cherries on top you can glue on a pom pom like this:
Cupcakes 16

Or, you can use a chenille stick and a bead. Just put a small section of the chenille stick through the bead and tie a couple of knots on one end so it doesn’t slip out.
Cupcakes 11

Poke a small hole through the fabric and the sytrofoam ball, fill it with hot glue and insert the knotted end of the chenille stick.
Cupcakes 12Cupcakes 14

Finally, pop those cupcakes in the oven for a while then…
Cupcakes 18

Serve them up with your little ones! These are sure to be a hit and might even provide oodles of occupied time for your young ones while you get the next project done!
Cupcakes 21

Malory, I hope your birthday is lots of fun—thanks for letting me share in it today!

Thanks Tammy!  I did have a great birthday, and a wonderful week.  Be sure to stop by She Wears Flowers and say "hi" to Tammy.


  1. These are sooooo cute and Happy Belated Birthday!! I love Tammy's blog and I always read every time she posts. :)) So much inspiration.


  2. These are super cute!
    new follower,


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