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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Stocking

Materials (for one stocking):
  • 1/2 yard double-sided quilted fabric
  • 1 yard cording with lip
  • 6 inches ribbon
  • 1/3 yard or 1 fat quarter microfiber fleece
  • matching thread
Directions: (note all seam allowances are about 3/8 or 1/2 inch)
  1. Fold quilted fabric in half
  2. Pin template to the fabric (make sure to pin through both layers)
  3. Cut through both layers to create front and back of stocking
  4. Using a zipper foot, or a needle and thread, sew cording  onto the right side (the outside) of one side of the stocking (you will line up the edge of the lip with the edge of the fabric--you want to get as close to the cording itself as possible)
  5. Put the two right sides together (the outsides so they are on the inside)
  6. Sew the two sides together either by hand with a needle and thread, or on machine with the zipper foot
  7. Cut the microfiber to a 10" by 18.5" rectangle
  8. Sew the two short edges together (so you have a 10" tall cylinder with an 18" circumference)
  9. Fold the fabric in half with the seam on the inside (you will now have a 5" tall cylinder with an 18" circumference)
  10. Fit the cylinder over the stocking, matching the seam of the cylinder with the back seam of the stocking--over the heel (the raw edge of the cylinder should match the raw edge of the stocking)
  11. Fold the ribbon in half
  12. Place the ribbon between the stocking and the microfiber at the back seam, pinning the ribbon so the raw edge matches the raw edge of both fabrics
  13. Sew the microfiber to the stocking
  14. When you turn the stocking right side out, you should be able to fold the microfiber out so that the seam is on the inside of the stocking, and the ribbon is ready to hang the stocking
  15. You may also choose to embellish with embroidery, applique, or cross stitching

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