Saturday, January 22, 2011

Felt Roses Headband

I have had so many comments on both the fabric flowers headband, and the felt roses, that I thought I just had to write a tutorial showing how to make a headband with the felt roses.  While I do think this one turned out cute, I think in the future, I would change the angle of the roses, and maybe only use three of them.

  • About 2 feet 1/2 inch wide braided elastic
  • Enough felt for 3-5 small felt roses (see my tutorial for felt roses)
  • Sewing supplies
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  1. This first thing you need to do, is measure your head.  You can do this with a measuring tape, or just wrap the elastic around your head like a headband (be sure not to stretch it).
  2. Subtract 1 inch from that measurement, and cut your elastic.  (Mine measured at 21 inches, so I cut my elastic at 20 inches)
  3. Sew your ends together leaving a .5 inch seam allowance.  Open your edges out, and use a zigzag seam to sew the edges flat.  When they are flat, trim any excess elastic.
  4. Your headband is ready to adorn!
  5. Cut the center circle for each of your felt roses, and form the centers.
  6. P1030374
  7. Cut the outer circle for each rose, and begin sewing one petal from each rose to the headband.
  8. Picnik collage 2
  9. Glue the center of each rose to the outer petals, one petal at a time, ending with the petal attached to the headband.
  10. Picnik collage 3
  11. You are almost finished.  Squeeze a strip of glue along the inside of the headband.
  12. P1030390
  13. Once the glue cools, it should be ready to wear.  The strip of glue, and the stretch of the elastic should help it to stay on your cute head!

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