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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lace Stenciled Cupcakes {Guest Post from Katy at Sweet Verbena}

Don't look mom!  I'm serious!  This post includes powdered sugar!  My mom has an irrational fear of powdered sugar, which is perhaps why I have never seen this technique before.  I am excited to have Katy from Sweet Verbena here today for our last guest post of Cupcake Month. 

Hi there!
My name is Katy and I'm visiting from Sweet Verbena.

I'm a junior in college at Texas A&M university and when I'm not busy studying, I love to create. Hope you'll stop by my blog and say "Hi" sometime!

I am so excited to participate in cupcake month! Today I'll be sharing a technique rather than a recipe: Lace Stenciled Cupcakes! 

I purchased an 1/8 of yard of lace at Hobby Lobby and cut the strip into 12  squares. 

(If you want to make 24 cupcakes purchase 1/4 yard of lace)

It couldn't be more simple. Place a square of lace over the cupcake and generously sift Powdered sugar over the top. 

(Be sure to use a new square of lace for each cupcake)

Carefully remove the lace, 

and voila! A beautifully stenciled cupcake. 

Lovely, aren't they?

Thank you so much for having me Malory! I am loving all this cupcake fun this month at Snips and Spice. 

Thanks Katy!  These are so pretty!  This is a great option for those who are watching calories, or don't like frosting (I can't imagine who wouldn't, but still an option).  You know I LOVE frosting, and I am thinking that I could frost a cupcake, then use this same technique on top of the frosting.  These would make elegant cupcakes for a wedding, and be great on a hot day when the fats in frosting would melt.  Katy has posted some really cute sewing patterns, like this bow tie top.

and this dress.

She created this great tutorial on sewing a zippered lining into a bag (which you might find helpful with next month's sew-along bag).

Sneak over to Sweet Verbena to check out more sewing tutorials--she posted a great one just this week for reverse applique.


  1. I love the lace effect, it is just to easy.

  2. So pretty! I love the lacy look, it really makes an otherwise plain cupcake pop!

  3. Lovely! What a unique idea! Well done Katy!

  4. I found you through Katy's blog... a whole month dedicated to cupcakes? My dream come true!!

  5. Would be PERFECT for a wedding! Love.


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